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The supercharger is going to cost about 17 grand drive away. You need to factor in the supercharger kit plus cost of valve springs, fuel system, labour, tune, etc. Then you will need to upgrade your clutch / auto as the stock one won't last long with the extra torque the supercharger produces. So allow abut 20 k all up
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Sep 27, 2016 · The ProCharger Stage II kit is a complete bolt-on kit featuring the polished P-1SC-1 centrifugal supercharger head with a 4.10:1 step-up ratio. The unit is self-lubricated, with no messy oil drain or feed lines to install. Bolting north-east of the Coyote’s alternator, in stock trim, the P-1SC-1 peaks at 9 psi of boost.
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Upgrade your VW or Audi boost output with IE's line of turbo and supercharger upgrades. Increase PSI and take your engine from "sporty" to an all-out performance machine with...
Selling x1 VE OTR Cold Air Intake Kit To suit Magnusom Heartbeat Supercharger Minor Damage See Photos 200 ONO, 1264823929
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M62 and M90 Supercharger kits for Jeep XJ, TJ, JK and 4.0L, 3.8L, 3.6L engines. Pages. ... -Eaton M62 Supercharger is from 1991-1995 GM Series I L67 3.8L supercharged ...
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Dec 18, 2008 · The General is also working on a similar upgrade kit for the Cobalt SS, and it should arrive at your local Chevy dealer during Q1 2009. The LNF turbo kit delivers some added pop to three already ...
HPI Savage XL, .25 SS, 4.6 & 5.9 Supercharger. Regular price $209.99 $179.99 Sale. Anodized ... Kit will bolt onto any stock or upgrade drop in engine;
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Looking For Adding More Power To Your Chevrolet Camaro? Supercharge Your Chevrolet Corvette To Dominate The Strip. GenX Performance Carry A Great Selection On Supercharger Kits For Chevrolet Camaro From Edelbrock And Magnuson In Stock And Ready To Ship. Except as otherwise stated below, we do not sell, trade or rent your personally identifiable information collected on the site to others. The information collected by our site is used to process orders, to keep you informed about your order status, to notify you of products or special offers that may be of interest to you and for statistical purposes for improving our site.
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Designed and manufactured in the USA, utilizing a highly-efficient 2 core air-to-air intercooler and an 8-rib dedicated supercharger drive system with an automatic tensioner, this is the most advanced and reliable supercharger system available for the SS.
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Oct 31, 2009 · me personally i'd get a supercharger, i like Procharger Superchargers, just whichever one you get make sure to get an intercooler, only Pro that a turbo has over a supercharger is just that the turbo uses exhaust to power it so it doesn't put any strain on the engine when a supercharger is belt driven so it does put a little strain on the engine but like you said a turbo has the lag when a ...
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Supercharger Kits. Components. Warranty Registration. NEWS. Download the NEW 2020 Catalog: Now Shipping Supercharger Kit For The 2018-'20 JL/JT Jeep Wrangler And ...
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