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We pride ourselves in having a very clean, well organized, family friendly pawn shop full of desired quality items. We are full of fantastic and unique items. Including Jewelry, Guns, Tools, Electronics, Outdoor Sports, Lawn Equipment, Musical Instruments and more.
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Reported anonymously by Value Pawn & Jewelry employees. Former Lead Pawn Broker in Jacksonville, Florida. They changed their health benefits package to where you pay more out of your check every month and then are stuck with an unknown bill once you leave the doctor's office.Patriot Gun and Pawn LLC | Seminole | FL - Buy and sell electronics, collectibles fashion apparel, phones, tools, coins, jewelry, cameras and everything else. Online marketplace and direct channel for small retail merchants and everyone else.
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May 11, 2020 · This is a pawn shop unlike all other pawn shops. You get the feeling of a “mom and pop” store when you talk the the staff at friendly’s. I recently bought a older rifle, and the entire process was low pressure, when I decided to go home and think about it for the night, they didn’t try to pressure me or push.
6040 W. Sahara Ave NE Corner of Sahara and Jones (Minutes from the Strip) Hours Of Operation 9am–6pm, 7 days per week. 877-573-7296 Toll Free 702-253-7296
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Neighborhood Pawn offers loans on a variety of things; Gold & Silver Jewelry, Vehicles, Televisions, Power Tools, Firearms. Neighborhood Pawn also sells these items, offers FFL transferring services & more... Firearm sales, pawning, buying & consigning.
The Value Pawn and Jewelry - 34th Street S is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. View all information about the Value Pawn and Jewelry - 34th Street S to get there today. Find exactly what your looking for at Value Pawn and Jewelry - 34th Street S. Saint Petersburg pawn shops allow shoppers to find amazing treasures at great prices.
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Palmetto Pawn. 118 West Roosevelt Drive, Anderson, South Carolina 29624, United States. 8648449779
If your pawn shop specializes on high-value niche, customers that will come to your pawn shop are the wealthy kind of clients who either come to pawn their valuables for money because they need a short term loan which cannot be got from banks or they have lots of valuable assets that can be traded off for money but they are not financially buoyant. We specialize in providing affordable, high-quality, classic, elegant and stylish pearl jewelry designs at up to 80 percent below retail prices.
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Our value for Gold and Silver purchases is determined by the actual metal content at the current market “Spot” price. We pay by check as required by Louisiana state law. Specialized Pawn Broker
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Our in-store experts are able to appraise the fair value of a wide variety of merchandise. And remember, we always work hard to offer the highest dollar amount possible on your items of value, either for a pawn loan or if you wish to sell. Before coming into the store, you can get a loan estimate...
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6040 W. Sahara Ave NE Corner of Sahara and Jones (Minutes from the Strip) Hours Of Operation 9am–6pm, 7 days per week. 877-573-7296 Toll Free 702-253-7296
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Feb 01, 2016 · And these pawn shops were all located within a 15-minute drive from each other. Our experience with PawnGuru shows that these price disparities are typical in the industry. Since July 2014, when we first drove from pawn shop to pawn shop, we’ve helped about 18,000 people pawn, sell, or buy more than 24,000 items on PawnGuru. A pawn can perform a special type of capture of an enemy pawn called en passant. If the pawn reaches a square on the back rank of the opponent, it promotes to the player's choice of a queen, rook, bishop, or knight (Just & Burg 2003:13–16). Pieces other than pawns capture in the same way that they move, except for castling.
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