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Dec 08, 2016 · If you drive over bumps and hear a clunking sound, there is a good possibility that something important is wrong with your car. Frequently, the suspension system is at fault when you hear a clunk ...
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It was clunking/popping over every bump with a noticeable feeling under my foot like something just fell out the bottom of the truck. And on my ride around this afternoon it was gone, couldn't replicate it...what the hell is going on. Tehkoema, Feb 11, 2018 #2I recently diagnosed and fixed a sound I would describe as a crunch, grinding, rattle, or clunk (trying to hit as many search terms as possible) in the front suspension on my 2008 AWD CTS. It was noticeable below 40MPH over small road imperfections, particularly those that affected only one side.
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Apr 14, 2018 · I have a 2011 tacoma and I have noticed that the front suspension makes a clunking noise whenever going over road gaps, potholes, bumps etc. I have king coilovers with SPC upper arms and just replaced the upper ball joints and inner tie rods but still its makes the same noise (I'll post a video to this soon).
Mercedes Clunking Noise I recently purchased a 96 6cyl mtx mystique, with 128k miles from the orignal owner. It sounds only when going over bumps/dips, it is only on the rear pass. side. Kind of sounds like a seat belt locking up bu
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May 19, 2006 · While it is a "clunk" sound, it sounds if something is loose when I go over some kinds of bumps. But not all kinds of bumps. Driving slowly over speed bumps don't produce the sound. And many sharp bumps (e.g potholes) don't produce the sound. But some kinds of sharp bumps do make something shake in the back.
Why would the rear end of a 1999 Cougar clunk with general driving and when going over bumps? Asked by Wiki User. 1 2 3. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User ... a clunk noise over bumps.
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Hey guys whats up... so my 2001 Tacoma (2wd, 4 banger) has recently started making a huge CLUNK noise when I go over divots/potholes/bumps in the road. I noticed that it's coming from the passenger side and sounds like it's coming from the front of the vehicle. I checked all the nuts and bolts and they are all tight as far as I can tell.
I have 1 1993 Toyota Corolla with over 200,000 miles on it. Recently it has started making a severe clunking noise from the rear passenger side when going over even small bumps in the road and the ride has become very rough. When I push down on the rear driver side there is bounce. When I push down on the rear passenger side there is no give at ...
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May 09, 2008 · Front end clunking sound over bumps? 1997 Toyota Camry - 240,000kms Had this clunking noise from both sides on the front of my car since I bought it in September (at 200,000kms).
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Feb 06, 2018 · Massive clunking over any bump at any speed. Pedals also rattle bad at the same time. This is a interior issue. Not suspension. I can lift my foot behind the pedals and stop the rattle. I can pull on the top of the steering wheel and prevent the clunking over bumps.
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Jan 02, 2015 · I wouldn't consider the tie rod clunk to be unsafe in any manner. I have a very slight clunk when going over speedbumps. Have had it for probably 50k miles or so. It's so slight that I have to have the windows open to hear it. I don't want to deal with dealer visits just over a noise. It isn't hurting anything on the vehicle.
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Jul 31, 2014 · I own a 2003 mercedes benz CLK500 bought this car 2 1/2 years ago with 50,000 miles on it and when driving over even the smallest bumps (pot holes)... Why is there a loud clunk-knock noise when driving over bumps.
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