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All models have dual inlet fuel bowls with sight glass windows for safe and easy float adjustments; Changeable idle and high speed air bleeds for easy tuning along with four-corner idle adjustment on mechanical secondary models; Race models include billet metering blocks and throttle bodies with precision throttle shafts to ensure long term ...
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I have a wideband so can get real time air/fuel readings. Still a tad rich in the cruise mode between idle and 2,500 rpm so one change I'm going to make after chatting with a Quick Fuel tech fella recently is to raise the idle bleeds by 3 sizes (from 73 to 76).
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Buy Quick Fuel 26-33QFT 10-32 Screw In Idle Air Bleeds .033 2/pkg: Automotive - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
Buy Quick Fuel 26-33QFT 10-32 Screw In Idle Air Bleeds .033 2/pkg: Automotive - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Dec 26, 2008 · Cross holes (air bleeds) are drilled in the main discharge tube, allowing the air to mix with the fuel inside the main well. As the throttle valve continues to open, additional fuel is drawn out of the main discharge tube, exposing additional cross holes. At full throttle, the fuel mixture is controlled by the size of the main fuel jet.
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QFT's CNC machined metering blocks with 4-stage emulsion provide more precise fuel metering with improved throttle response and a more uniform fuel performance curve. Q-Series carbs feature four-corner idle, adjustable idle air bleeds, Teflon-coated slabbed throttle shafts with Teflon ribbon bearings and four clear sight glass windows for easy float level adjustment.
Air Bleeds, Quick Fuel Carburetor, .075 in., 10-32 UNF Threads, Pair. Part Number: QFT-26-75QFT Not Yet Reviewed
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Changeable idle air and high speed bleeds. Built-in sight glass windows for easy float adjustment. Exclusive Black Diamond coating for enhanced corrosion protection and appearance. Coating provides a 6% reduction in fuel temperature. Changeable primary idle feed and power valve channel restrictions.
High Performance Quick Fuel Technology SS-Series Drag Race Carburetor: Billet dual metering blocks & throttle bodies for improved durability; Changeable idle, high-speed air bleeds & power valve restrictions; Dual inlet fuel bowls with dual sight glass windows for easy float adjustment; 4-Corner idle for precise idle and smooth transition PROFORMs new 100 percent Aluminum Street Series Upgrade Carburetor is hand assembled in the U.S. The PROFORM Street Upgrade Carb Includes: Based on the wildly successful Billet Aluminum Street Series carburetors these Upgrade Series street carburetors are constructed of lightweight aluminum including changeable idle air bleeds for easy non-permanent calibration changes if
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Idle Air Bleed: The idle air bleed could be the hardest working one of them all. Air to be mixed with idle fuel is provided by the idle air bleed. The idle mixture screws rely on air provided by...
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The Quick Fuel Carburetor 750 is available in your choice of vacuum or mechanical secondary versions, and you can choose the cfm that's right for your specific engine combination. The Quick Fuel HR 750-series carburetors feature screw-in air bleeds, QuickSet sight windows in the fuel bowls, 4-corner idle circuits, screw-in idle restrictions, and a bright, shiny finish for durability.
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The carb has a fat/rich idle, no more adjustment inward to lean out the idle. I called Proform and asked about tuning the air bleeds. Proform tech could not help and I was told too call Quick Fuel for tech advice. I was told by Proform that Quick Fuel builds and test the carbs for them. Boy was that Great too hear ! I have a quick fuel 650 and it is to rich. It was so rich initially I had to Change the power valve from the original 6.5 to a 4.5.( about 9 in vacuum at idle). But now it's still to rich! Burn your eyes rich. According to quick fuel help line, I needed to run the air bleeds in( clockwise) to lean it out.
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Set the idle speed of the engine so the engine idles smoothly with an engine turning at 750 rpm to 1200 rpm. The idle-speed screw is located in the idle-speed port on the driver's side of the carburetor; toward the front. Turn the idle-speed screw with a flat-head screwdriver -- clockwise to increase idle speed and counterclockwise to decrease it. Screw in Bleed Restrictions, pair. New. Brass bleed restrictions to screw in main body or air horn for main air bleed adjustments. .125" These will easily screw directly in to the holes, no need to tap. We recommend some red loctite to secure them. We can size these for you.
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