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Pontiac Block Codes. Pontiac Crank ID #'s. Pontiac Carb ID #'s Pontiac Oiling System. Pontiac Parts Interchange . Pontiac Factory Cam #'s & Specs. Pontiac Camshaft Cross Reference. Pontiac Wheel Applications. Pontiac Exhaust ID #'s. Exhaust Sizing For Power. Air Flow Bench Conversion Chart. Cam Info: Timing 101 Tech Section
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Find PONTIAC 6.4L/389 Pontiac V8 Camshaft Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Specifications Reviews EDELBROCK VICTOR SERIES H/V ALLOY WATER PUMP PONTIAC 389-455 V8 ED8857 These Edelbrock Victor series high-volume water pumps are designed for maximum flow and equal coolant distribution in street cars, race cars, tow vehicles, and motor homes.
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Hawk Performance HPS Performance Brake Pads, 2004-06 Pontiac GTO, Rear $ 141.89. ... $ 389.99. Gauges & Accessories. HOLLEY EFI 12.3" PRO DASH $ 1,853.95. Holley EFI ...
At the core of the 1964-1965 Pontiac GTO was a powerful engine capable of achieving 0-60 mph in as little as 6.5 seconds. Specifications. Engines: all ohv V-8; 389 cid (4.06 × 3.75), 325/348 bhp (1964), 335/360 bhp (1965) Advertisement
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Pontiac engines were unique for their integrated water pump and timing chain cover, and separate valley pan and intake. Carburetors PMD originally used Carter 1-barrel carburetors for many years, but by the time of the second generation V-8 engines had switched mostly to 2-barrel offerings.
Oct 03, 2016 · After all sorts of issues with my original cast iron heads due to crappy work by my local machine shop, I decided to order new heads for my 1963 Pontiac 389. This engine has recently been rebuild with the following specs; - 1963 Pontiac 389, bored .030 - KB370-030 flat top pistons (2 valve relieve, -3,5cc) - Comp Cams XE256H - Scorpion roller ...
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Timing Covers; Transmission Pans, Customizing ... 64-79 PONTIAC V8 (NOT 389) Part# 8588. Add to Cart. $54.73. Find Local Dealer. Product Specifications
The 1966 Pontiac GTO's 389Ci block should have the number 9778789 cast on the distributor Pad. See attached images for a better description of this location. Engine Displacement Identification: Unlike other V8 blocks produced by Pontiac during the 1960s, there are no 389 numbers cast anywhere on the block.
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Pontiac engines / blocks that have 3 inch mains are 326 / 350 / 389 / 400. Keep in mind that when I say this, it means the cid of the original block casting. Pontiac engines / blocks that have 3.25 inch mains are the 428 and 455 blocks. 389 SD: FS: 541649: 541649 : 3.75: 3.00: 2.25: 2.50: 2.600 : Kellog forging, Limited production: 1961-1963: 421 SD: FS: 542990: 542990 : 4.00: 3.25: 2.25: 2.50: 2.600: Kellog forging, Limited production (approx 2000) 1962-1963: 421: AS: 9770488: 9770488: ARMASTEEL: 4.00: 3.25: 2.25: 2.50: 2.600 : 1963: 326: AS: 545585: 545585: ARMASTEEL: 3.75: 3.00: 2.25: 3.00: 2.760 : Special Tempest transaxle hub: 1963: 389: AS: 544191: 544191: ARMASTEEL: 3.75: 3.00
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Mar 26, 2012 · Pontiac blocks are easy to identify if you know what to look for. It is simple, for example, to visually categorize all 1959-and-later blocks into 389/400 or non-389/400. All displacements other than 389/400 possess a "transfer lug" (found at the rear of the block shaped like a "mountian" or "pyramid").
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Pontiac cars were also notable for the Silver Streaks, narrow stainless steel strips that ran from the grille to the middle of the hood. By 1957, the streaks had been discontinued but style elements were used in its place like the multiple-striped taillights in the 1960s, the arrowhead nose in the 1970s and the cladding of fenders and doors in ...
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This is the Pontiac VIN decoder. Every Pontiac car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more. I need some help or advice. I have an old 64 pontiac Bonneville 389 that I just tuned up. Question I have is what to reference for the timing marks. There is a pointer on the timing case and two hash marks on the flywheel. I know timing should be 6 degrees before top dead center but when I plug...
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