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Sep 29, 2019 · Pi-hole drops support for ad blocklists used by browser-based ad-blockers. The ad-blocking landscape is in line for some standardization, starting with the blocklists' syntax.
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Best pihole blacklist. Best pihole blacklist Dec 30, 2020 · WATCH is a fast, free and uncensored DNS-Server (or more specific, a DNS resolver). pfSense is shooting itself in the foot by being (petty) d. Im Gegensatz zu den anderen vorgestellten Software-Komponenten ist OPNsense also ein eigenständiges. org I think you can even use a wildcard DNS Alias Mode: Domain Alias Mode Domain Alias.
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The domain name system (DNS) works like a phone book for the internet. When a user enters text into a browser, DNS servers take that input and translate it into the unique internet protocol (IP) addresses that let the browser open the desired site.
Was just reading Reddit and a user by the name _CamelCase_ posted a All in one Unified Hosts file to add extra Domains to the block list which blocks over 1...y0o.de · GNU/Linux Nachrichten u.Ä. Login. About FreshRSS
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Change notes from older releases. For current info see RELEASE-NOTES. == MediaWiki 1.14 == === Changes since 1.14.0rc1 === * Fixed the performance of the backlinks API module * (bug 17420) Send the correct content type from action=raw when the HTML file cache is enabled. * (bug 17437) Fixed incorrect link to web-based installer * (bug 17527) Fixed missing MySQL-specific options in installer ...
I whitelisted domain.com in PiHole. I went to service.domain.com and received "Manually Blacklisted by Wildcard" even after flushing DNS. The Technical Info just says that this entry was found in 1 of 9 lists: I don't understand why something I whitelisted is still being blocked.
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Tail pihole.log Tail pihole-FTL.log ... Whitelist management. Add a new whitelisted domain or regex filter Domain; RegEx filter; Domain: Comment: Add domain as wildcard.
Moin zusammen, ich habe pihole und pivpn auf einem pi 3b mit knapp 2,7 Million Domains auf der Liste die ich blocke. Geblockt wird ca. 20% der DNS-Anfragen. 《美麗日報》堅持維護新聞倫理觀,在發揮媒體傳播功能的同時,堅持為社會樹立正確導向。我們希冀匯聚良善的力量,傳遞正面能量,促進人們的相互理解和尊重。
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Einfacher erscheint mir aber, einzelne gesperrte Domains, die Du freigeben willst, einfach im Bereich Query Log auf die Whitelist zu setzen. 3. dcx (Gast) schrieb am 11.03.2020 - 14:42 Uhr: Ich nutze PiVPN um mit Android von außerhalb zuzugreifen. Als Protokoll nutze ich WireGuard. Die Einrichtung könnte einfacher nicht sein. I must have screwed it up somehow, I've now got the 'blocked by pi hole' page when I try to log in to the /pihole admin page. Well, the developer of the Pi-Hole software plans to use the This will also mean that you will be able to add a domain to the whitelist, from...
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Best pihole block lists 2020 Gifts & Gear; GEAR. Accessories; Apparel; Home; SHOP FEATURED. OREO Cookie Ultimate Dunking set . Oreo Cookies; Best pihole block lists ...
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Is there a command I can run to get the container's IP address right from the host after a new container is created? Basically, once Docker creates the container, I want to roll my own code deploy...
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Browser running in docker container needs to make a POST to a login service running on a test API in our network. The service is very picky about where POST can come from so it’s rejecting the POST because it’s coming from host.docker.internal instead of localhost.company.com.
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