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Інформація. Ви не маєте прав доступу для перегляду списку учасників або профілів.
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Oracle . For example lets create a temporary table . CREATE TABLE SAM_TEMP (COL1 NUMBER NULL, COL2 VARCHAR2(100) NULL) Now let’s create a stored procedure which outputs reference cursor (SYS_REFCURSOR) C_RESULT which just pulls data SAM_TEMP and that’s it we have outputted a reference cursor from the stored procedure. CREATE OR REPLACE
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Oct 06, 2010 · Many times we are stuck when we want to find all tables that have a particular value in a particular column. This code when executed at SQL*Plus prompt, builds and runs SQL to find all user tables with a particular column and value, spools the results to a file, and opens the file in Notepad. I would like to cast a refcursor into a table type as shown below. The syntax below does not compile.The purpose is to get the results of a refcursor into a temporary table and then do some work on that table.
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Ref cursors in Oracle PL SQL are used for dynamic assignment of different SELECT statements to a cursor variable in same PL/SQL block. There are three types of Ref cursors in Oracle PL SQL - Strong Ref Cursor, Weak Ref Cursor and Sys_refcursor which ..
Here's the function returning a ref cursor: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_cursor RETURN SYS_REFCURSOR IS c SYS_REFCURSOR; BEGIN DECLARE c SYS_REFCURSOR; l_cursorid NUMBER; l_column_count INTEGER; l_describe_table DBMS_SQL.DESC_TAB; l_numvar NUMBER...
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Jan 11, 2015 · 48 | Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference Cursor Variables A cursor variable is a data structure that points to a cursor object, which in turn points to the cursor’s result set. You can use cursor variables to more easily retrieve rows in a result set from client and server programs.
Script Name Table Functions and Ref Cursors; Description DML in a table function with a REF CURSOR as a parameter. Thats a lot going on. Area PL/SQL General / PL/SQL Procedures, Functions, Packages
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[Oracle] PLSQL 쿼리추출 (0) 2015.01.09 [Oracle] 소스검색하기 (0) 2014.12.15 [Oracle] Out Ref Cursor 를 SQL 문에서 조회 (0) 2014.09.29: ORACLE BACKUP TABLE (0) 2013.08.13: 오라클 원격 덤프 (1) 2013.07.23: 쿼리 (0) 2013.05.10 Sep 06, 2017 · The query used for the ref cursor is quite simple, it extracts 3 columns and uses just one parameter as a filter. In such case, if I wanted to test the query, I would probably take it outside and run it manually to perform my test.
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Ref Cursor Understanding Implicit vs. Explicit Cursors in Oracle PL/SQL Understanding Ref Cursors Working with Cursors Oracle/PLSQL: Cursors the difference between the cursor refcursor and sys_refcursor DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRONG AND WEEK CURSORS IN ORACLE Cursor Variable Declaration Getting output from Ref Cursors in PL/SQL Open a Ref Cursor.
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select * from TABLE ( select cast( orderedsegments as NumberTable ) FROM DUAL); where v_segcur is defined as a Ref Cursor type. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to suggest any alternate solutions that may make more sense. (I'm new to Oracle and am trying to wade through the plethora of features) Thanks, Gary Oracle PL / SQL. Cursor. SQL> SQL> SQL> CREATE TABLE lecturer ( 2 id NUMBER(5) PRIMARY KEY, 3 first_name VARCHAR2(20), 4 last_name VARCHAR2(20), 5 major VARCHAR2(30), 6 current_credits NUMBER(3) 7 )
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I then need to do a select from this temp table into a ref cursor and return that to the external program. Problem is, I can't figure out how to make Oracle do all three. I can use Execute Immediately to dynamically create the temp table and populate it, but then the procedure won't compile because the temp table doesn't exist yet!
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