1989 stratos 285 pro specs
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1987 YJ, 4.2 nutter bypass, AX15, NP208 case WITH SYE, 8.8 swap with 4.10 gears and welded carrier, spring over with 35" BFG mud terrains. I ran the Jeep with stock axle and gears (3.05's or 3.07's or whatever).
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The gearing that was used was 3.06 for first gear, 1.63 for second, 1 for third gear, and 0.7 for fourth gear, essentially a 30% overdrive. The reverse gear in this transmission is 2.9. Construction. The 700R4 case is a single piece constructed of cast aluminum. The transmission is 23.4 inches long and weighs 155 pounds. Changing the differential gears to 4.88's would net a crawl ratio of 52:1 (a 15% reduction). While these numbers are an improvement, they're only slightly better than the stock configuration. So how can we improve our crawl ratio without sacrificing too much performance on the street? The answer, install a transfer case gear reduction kit.
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2 airbags (front driver and passenger airbags) Vehicle security system with engine immobiliser and alarm Child safety rear door lock system
Alternatively, when the OPMA is held stationary (ωl= 0), and the IAP is driven by a turbine the machine works as magnetic geared generator, the gear ratio becomes: Gr=ωhωp=npph(8) My dad's truck has a granny gear 4 sp with a 2.75 rear end. Ist gear is a normal gear and the engine is not turning many rpms at highway speeds. his truck is 2wd and he gets 20mpg on the hwy. Not bad for a club cab long bed. I was pondering the possibilities of 2.75 ratio in my 4wd ramcharger w/ granny gear 4sp
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Dec 26, 2020 · One issue is a crawl ratio that is somewhat high (32.3:1) The T-176 transmission has a 3.52 low gear and Glenn’s Jeep has 3.54 axle ratios. The Dana 300 transfer case offers a 2.62:1 low range which makes Glenn’s Jeep tolerable off road but it could stand some improvement. A transmission or axle ratio change would be costly and time consuming.
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Gearbox ratio, this is the ratio between the clutch shaft RPM and the countershaft RPM. Because there are more gears in a gearbox, different ratio are The gear box is the only gearing part that can change its ratio very easily and that is by you changing gear while you drive. Normally a gear box is...
3. A variable gear ratio steering system according to claim 1, further comprising lateral space computing means for computing a maximum lateral travel which keeps said vehicle within a current drive lane, and means for predicting a lateral travel of said vehicle, said control means increasing said steering angle ratio as a ratio of said predicted lateral travel of said vehicle to said maximum ...
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Fifth Gear Ratio: 0.82:1 Notes: If a customer requests Modifications or Cancellation of their order after 24 hours of the initial deposit, a $250 Change fee will be charged to accommodate those changes.
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you are bidding on a (1) gm np 205 transfer case speedo correction gear box. the winner of the auction gets there choice of 1 ratio box. the ratio`s i have are straight with the ratio 1.3000 . dont email me asking the correct ratio for your truck, as that is for you to figure out. there is no reserve and free shipping to the lower 48 us. Stock T-15, don't remember the exact first gear ratio but let's use 3.0-1 as a basis for comparison. Stock model 20 transfer case, 2.03-1 Don't know what axle gears but let's say 3.73-1 3.0x2.03x3.73 = 22.7 Right now he has a 22.7-1 crawl ratio. Change transmission to a T-18 with 6.32-1 6.32x2.03x3.73=47.85 Now has roughly a 48-1 crawl ratio
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Final Drive: 320mm diameter ring gear Ratio (:1): 5.571 Front Suspension Brakes • Single stage alloy multi-leaf • Front and rear dr • Double acting shock absorbers • Stabiliser bar 70 x 10 Steering • • Silver painted wheel rimsPower assisted rack and pinion • Turns lock-to-lock 3.7 Gear Ratio 20.9:1 Chassis Frame
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Gear Ratios for: All Land Rover manual gearboxes Ashcroft high ratio transfer case. Every Land Rover nerd loves data. Just for the fun of it I added the NP-435 close ratio gearbox and Ashcroft high ratio transfer case that is in The Green Rover for comparison.
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