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*2: When ATF temperature is normal, transmission lock-up occurs in 4th, 5th and 6th gear with the shift lever in D or with the S6 range selected, in *: 150°C (302°F) or higher is indicated regardless of the actual ATF temperature. HINT: The ATF temperature can be checked on the Techstream display.
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2018 Ford F-150 My son bought brand new,65000.00 put 3000. Miles on it now in shop because turbo charger bad in it,bought dec 22,2018 been in shop since Jan 12,2019, fixing to make his 2nd payment,they won't get him a loaner,and don't no when the part will even come in,they now saying it could take up to 3 months,he has made several calls and his father has,and they have gotten no further then ...
A transmission is a very complex part of the engine in your stick shift. In some cases, it can be less expensive to replace the transmission, instead of trying to troubleshoot or repair it. Therefore, while it may seem like a major expense, at the time — the majority of transmission mechanics will opt to replace the old transmission with a ... Jan 06, 2019 · But the ten-speed made an immediate splash in late 2017, introduced as part of Ford’s F-150 Raptor (as well as an option for the standard F-150, when equipped with the 375-hp 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6). On the GM side of the proverbial aisle, the ten-speed made its debut in the Chevy Camaro ZL1, with both automakers planning to spread its ...
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4 Here you can see the coolers Ford selected for the 6.0L-equipped trucks (left and center) and the stock cooler for the 7.3L on the right. The smaller of the two late model coolers is a 26-row unit that has more than 124-percent more surface area than the original cooler.
Joined May 29, 2011. ·. 5,710 Posts. #2 • Feb 4, 2016. Cruising temp is a tad low, 185 is about right otherwise, however. IF you change you thermostat it will run around 195 and should be considered normal. The new thermosat is hotter than the factory stat in your 2005.
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Jun 25, 2013 · Transmission Making a Whining Noise. Dear Austin, I have a Oldsmobile Alero with only 102K miles. I have taken good care of the car since I bought it new. Just recently my transmission started whining. I had the transmission serviced with a new filter and and synthetic fluid, but the whine continues.
Normal operating temperature for an automatic transmission is about the same as the engine temperature, i.e., about 195°F. The temperature inside the torque converter, while pulling a big load from a standing start, could easily rise above 350°F. EDITORY NOTE: I'm seeing this same basic range at many different sites.
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The normal transmission temp is 175 degrees but with overheating, it could rise to over 240 degrees. This then leads to hardening of seals, and they soon At 260 degrees, your plates will slip, and any further increase in temperature leads to clutch burn out, and your transmission fluid will form carbon.
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Jun 19, 2001 · The concept for the guage is fairly simple. in theory one side of the meter has +12v(it could be less) the voltage goes through the coil in the meter and comesout the other side. that side is connected to the wire that goes to the coolant sensor (usually on the intake manifold) the coolant sensor is a variable resistor that changes with temperature. 49 Complete Transmission Temperature Chart . Auto Trans Oil Change Engine Drivetrain The Classic . Normal Operating Temp For An Automatic Checking Filling Tranny Fluid Dodgetalk Forum . Transmission Operating Temp Ford F150 Forum Community Of . Toyota Rav4 Service Manual...
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Transmission engineers and cooling specialists say that a 20-degree drop in fluid temperature can double an automatic transmission’s life. This is especially important if you tow or carry heavy loads, or take to the off-pavement driving on a regular basis.
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thermostat should open at 190 engine temp will vary depending on conditions. For example if you are running the a/c the ambient temp, towing, driving conditions. To hot starts around 240 to 260. I am a ASE certified GM mechanic. Feb 18, 2013 · I've seen posted that one can monitor transmission temperature using OBD2 code 21D9. While this code does return a value I'm not sure this is correct. I've even tried using the plug in for Torque app to make adjustments via the equation function.
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