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List of US States in various Rails friendly formats - jasonong/List-of-US-States
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C1 Street Suffix Abbreviations. The following table lists examples of suffix forms that are primary street suffix names, common street suffixes or suffix abbreviations, and recommended official Postal Service standard suffix abbreviations.
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US: The Greatest Package in the World. A package for easily working with US and state metadata. all US states and territories; postal abbreviations
Sep 17, 2020 · Member States of the IAEA and dates of membership in order of accession to the Agency, starting from 1957. Learn more about how a State can become a member.
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This is a US states list with postal abbreviations in alphabetical order for your convenience. It can be very helpful for students and those who like to compete in quizzes. If you would like to learn them all so that you can name states when asked there is a mnemonic to help your memory Learn-States-Mnemonic .
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Our attorneys have compiled the following list of VA acronyms and abbreviations. We want you to better understand VA shorthand. This will help you tremendously when reading VA forms and records. Department of Veterans Affairs Acronyms and Abbreviations. The VA uses many acronyms and abbreviations throughout the disability claim process.
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Specifically, a n acronym is a specific type of abbreviation formed from the first letters of a multi-word term, name, or phrase, with those letters pronounced together as one term. OPEC —or the O(rganization of) P(etroleum) E(xporting) C(ountries)—is an acronym because we pronounce it as one word, oh -pek.
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Here the states by id in a javascript object extracted from the Wikipedia [List of U.S. state abbreviations].(https: ... All the States of US and Canada: lowercase state name -> Upper case state short form in swift. static let StatesDictionary: [String : String] = ["alabama": "AL",BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA: SECTION AUTONUMLGL \e . NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section MACROBUTTON "FreeForm" 1111.1> of Title MACROBUTTON "FreeForm"
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# Russian translation for http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html # Copyright (C) 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc. # This file is distributed under the same ... AlabamaFrom the Alabama or Alibamu people, though the river was named first. Alabama comes from the Choctaw for "vegetation pickers," in reference to local farming practices.AlaskaA corruption of the Aleut word for "mainland", alaxsxaq (lit. "that which the sea breaks against").
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This is a list of nicknames for each of the 50 states of the United States, ordered alphabetically by state. A single state may have more than one nickname. Not all of these nicknames are considered official. This list excludes the District of Columbia and U.S.
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