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Fix Marine Supply is here to help you find the right part at the best price for all of your boat dock and boat lift needs. Let our experience work for you. When you purchase our Premium Boat Lift and Boat House Lift Parts you can be sure that you’ve purchased the right product to do the job right the first time.
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Pontoon boat lifts can cost a lot of money, with the prices ranging from $1,500 to $12,000 depending on the type you buy. But what if you already have a boat lift, and you want to convert it into a pontoon boat lift? Is it possible and how would you do it?
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Sep 12, 2017 · Boat Lift Cables Require Maintenance Boat Lift cables, along with the winch on your lift, are the (2) most important components of a boat lift. As a result, they require periodic attention. Remember, these (2) pieces do all the “work” on your lift. They do the lifting by raising the rack assembly with the weight of the watercraft on it.
QUALITY ALUMINUM BOAT LIFTS, INC. INSTRUCTIONS Four (4) Pole Top Mount Lift QUALITY ALUMINUM BOAT LIFTS, INC. 29451 HWY 98 BLG4 ELBERTA, ALABAMA 36530 PHONE:251-986-3882 * FAX:251-986-3136 [email protected]
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This is an ideal time to inspect the lifting cable and the leveling cables. Make sure the sheaves (pulleys) turn freely and that the cable is in the sheave grooves in all locations. Check the torque on all fasteners on your lift. Manuals can be found at
We build thousands of parts for boat builders that are not listed online. If you do not see what your looking for, please call (866)-633-7961 or send us a picture to see if we can help! View as Grid List
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The seated cable row develops the muscles of the back and the forearms. It's often used in a beginners weight training Don't crash the weights and don't pause or bounce at the bottom of the lift. You can change the hand attachment and your grip to target different areas of your back and how much you...
Porta-Lift's adjustable leveling legs make it easy to get the right depth regardless of water level. Boat Lifts - We have lifts ranging in capacity from 800lb to 6000lb with canopies from 12' to 26'. An improperly positioned boat, shocks from wave action (when bouncing on the lift rack or jamming the rack against the frame may send your boat into the water. When in doubt, replace the cable; trying to squeeze another year out of a $75 cable isn’t worth the risk of dropping your boat or personal injury.
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Machined aluminum. Can be cut with hacksaw. Fits 1/4" and 5/16" Cable. Custom Sizes Available. Please Call (800) 965-8544.
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Feb 22, 2012 · From catamaran-lift special construction to a customized double jet-ski lift, we are always available to help you in your design, location, and installation requirements. Customer Service Let our friendly and accessible sales staff walk you through your boat lift investment.
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Wondering how to measure a boat steering cable? Watch this boat steering cable replacement guide.Jun 18, 2017 · The wakeboard you choose will most likely reflect your skill level and the type/style of boarding you want to do. The different features of the wakeboard determine how it will perform. Most wakeboard manufacturers have printed information to help you determine which board is right for you.
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Loosen all cables on a lock, and then tighten each cable until the carriage or corner begins to lift up off the lock. Repeat the process on the other cables until you have level corners/carriages all around.
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