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The SAP Support Portal is SAP's award winning customer-facing website, which provides access to support tools, services and applications, as well as related documentation and community content.
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OSP Tourney Q3A - A Quake3 Arena mod. I recomend if your just curious to see what files are in the installs to grab the 9.4MB install below without the maps. If you are still interested you can then grab the 45.2MB just maps download. If you are an OSP Q3A guru and know this is exactly what you are after go ahead and grab the entire 54.5MB install.
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main_arena and non_main_arena. 又称为主分配区和非主分配区,main_arena 是一个结构体,定义在 malloc.c 中的 malloc_state ... 华庭 《Glibc ...
看 glibc 的源码,malloc_trim 的底层实现已经做了修改,是遍历所有的 arena,然后对每个 arena 遍历所有的 bin,执行 madvise 系统调用告知 MADV_DONTNEED,通知内核这块可以回收了。 通过 Systemtap 脚本可以同步确认这一点。
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Recent versions of glibc ( from 2.12 ? ) have tunable MALLOC_ARENA_MAX and MALLOC_PER_THREAD. Arenas increases virtual memory usage : are suitable for 32 bit kernels ?
Debian has glibc 2.16 in the "experimental" repository, but recompiling the program is the safer option. Glibc is the library that everything depends on, so upgrading it can have far-reaching implications.
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first of all the application memory footprint significantly increases. this would have been fine if this were the only issue. second, within an arena, glibc does not return memory to the kernel as you would expect. it request more memory when significant parts of the arena are free (and could be potentially be reusable/available).
前言你们去杭州打西湖论剑,我在宿舍捡题做,我们都有光明的未来。 分析这道题目还是很有意思的,有很多值得总结的地方。题目环境2.30,我在本地2.31的环境下完成。 首先程序标准的菜单堆,但是只能分配0x420-0x600之间的堆块,free未置NULL,有很明显的UAF。 但是还有一个相对隐蔽的漏洞,那就是 ... It is no longer available in current releases of glibc, and the new allocator became the default in 2.15 (I think). Setting MALLOC_ARENA_MAX=1 means there can only be one arena, which has a similar effect but is probably not strictly equivalent since other parts of the “new” allocator are still active in this case.
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Jan 03, 2011 · Each arena tracks non-full small object page runs via red-black trees (one for each size class), and always services allocation requests using the non-full run with the lowest address for that size class. Each arena tracks available page runs via two red-black trees — one for clean/untouched page runs, and one for dirty/touched page runs. The Aletsch Arena. News. © max musterman. Aletsch Arena. The day pass for hiking, sightseeing and more. © © / Christian Pfammatter - third parties editorial and touristic use only.
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The tar pit of Red Hat overcomplexity RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 differences are no smaller than between SUSE and RHEL which essentially doubles workload of sysadmins who now need to administer an "extra" flavor of Linux/Unix. The main idea is to specify the head of the linked list in the arena, and then cheat GLIBC to malloc a new chunk at that specified place we prefer. But things are not very easy.The specified place(the fake chunk) must satisfy many conditions, otherwise malloc will go to failure.
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Jan 21, 2016 · 实现时,bins都是使用chunk的结构来表示的,但是只使用fd,bk这两个成员,空间上也只分配16 bytes,这是glibc的一种hack的做法。 malloc_state. 表示一个模块中堆的分配情况,在主线程中的实例是main_arena这个全局变量. malloc流程. malloc的具体过程在_int_malloc中实现,比较复杂 Oct 11, 2005 · If glibc malloc is compiled without thread statistics (which is the default), then p->fd of the designer's chunk corresponds to av->fastbins[0] of the designer's arena. For the purposes of this technique the use of av-
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If the arena uses malloc() internally, and do_work() does allocations through the arena, there's no need to free the entire arena in this case, despite it not being a static variable. While the user could always write static there, I'm not certain I agree it should be a requirement to do so.
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