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110: Sierra: RN Pro-Hunter: Lil Gun: 16: 2150: 1129: 18.5: 2400: 1407 #2100: 1.845: 1x8” Rem 7 ½
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Factory Seconds .224 / 22 77 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Bullets (2,500 ct.)
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CFE 223 This spherical propellant was designed expressly to provide top velocities in fast cartridges. CFE 223 contains our Copper Fouling Eraser ingredient, originally used in military propellant, which greatly deters copper fouling and contributes to longer periods of top accuracy with less barrel cleaning time.
dal fry recipe in kannada oczyszczanie wody w akwarium doubt me now quotes dublin bus timetables 38 safsa basketball how electoral college works 2020 I have conclusively found CFE 223 powder to flop at 800/1000 yds out of the RR Nat. Match rifle , I raise that to your attention. I think the right barrel tube length for any 224 caliber is 22 to 24" if one wants optimum performance at 800/1000 yds.
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Powder Valley Shopping for all your Reloading Supplies including Hodgdon Powder, Winchester Primers, Starline Brass and Sierra Bullets
respective bolt-action designs in the 223 Remington. The bolt-action design affords the handloader a bit more latitude in powder selection than a gas-operated system. Despite this, most of the powders used in the semi-autos are also some of the best choices for use in a bolt rifle. Hodgdon’s H322, H335 and Varget are all excellent choices, as are Oct 11, 2018 · I had loaded up a bunch of SMK 80 grainers to try and they did much better. I tried RL15, CFE, Varget, and 2520. All seated to 2.25 The RL15 sucked at 25.4 with 3 moa, the upped charge at 25.9 grouped it at around 1 moa+-CFE 223 26.0 did a solid 1 moa, the upper charge at 26.6 did 2 moa Varget 24.3 was a 1+- moa, 24.8 opened it up to 1.5
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CFE 223 20.5 21.3 21.8 22.2 Power Pro 2000 MR 20.0 20.9 21.9 22.4 22.8 23.3 Big Game 21.4 22.5 23.0 23.5 24.1 N540 19.1 20.0 20.9 RL 17 20.3 21.2 22.0 22.5 22.9 Energy/ft.lbs 930 1021 1116 1165 1215 1266 #1396 .223” 95 gr. HPBT 6.5” TWIST Nov 08, 2019 · Several, including H335, BL-C(2), Varget, Benchmark, IMR 8208 XBR, H4895, and CFE 223 have proven to be the most versatile choices with all bullet weights. Techniques I chose two of my favorite 223 Rem. rifles—a CZ 527 bolt action and a Sun Devil SD-15 autoloader—to use for this report, and I built a lot of handloads to shoot in both guns.
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.223 Rem AR15 rifle, 223 Remington, 5.56x45 222 reloading, shooting, hunting rifles. 224 223 Rem bullets, 223 Rem ammo .223 Remington--Centerfire FavoriteThe .223 Remington is the most widely-used centerfire rifle cartridge in the developed world.
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CFE 223..anyone had luck with this powder for 5.56 ? Reloading Barrel twist rate is 1:8. The rifle is a Cooper 21 single-shot that was originally chambered in .223 Rem, I had Cooper rebarrel it in 300BLK. My load COL was 2.260 which should result in 0.070" of bullet jump for this rifle, I can certainly get closer to the lands if needed. Or, reduce the COL to achieve some charge compression.
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A 20" Wilson 223 wylde varmint barrel shoots 1/2 moa with 24.0 gr varget and 77 smk and my 16" Sabre defense carbine will shoot 3/4 moa with that same load A daniel defense 16" CHF 300 blackout barrel I have will hold 3/4 MOA with speer tnt's. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations for this barrel based on my previous experiences. SIMPLE = T / Fits format BITPIX = 8 / bits per pixel NAXIS = 3 / number of axes NAXIS1 = 1552 / image width NAXIS2 = 1162 / image height NAXIS3 = 3 / image planes COMMENT Original key: "END" COMMENT COMMENT --Start of WCS solution-- COMMENT --Put in by the new-wcs program-- COMMENT WCSAXES = 2 / no comment CTYPE1 = 'RA---TAN-SIP' / TAN (gnomic) projection + SIP distortions ...
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