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The drywall estimation calculator estimates the amount of sheetrock and supplies needed for your wall-board project. Simply enter the size of your room, and the estimator finds the square footage of the walls, estimates the amount of drywall needed to cover those surfaces, and estimates additional supplies, including screws, joint compound or ...
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CEMENT BOARD UNITS (CBU) If you're going to use cementboard over your wall studs you'll need a vapour barrier, but unlike greenboard and drywall (gypsum based products), cementboard can handle the moisture which allows you to install the poly behind the cement panels. The polyethylene will prevent vapour from passing through.
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Because cement board can be used either for floors or walls, the surface below the cement board will vary: In such wet areas, never install cement board directly over drywall or green board.Instead, first, remove the existing surface material, then install the cement board over the studs and membrane, as applicable.
Dec 21, 2017 · On walls, cement board installs much like drywall; it's fastened with screws, then its joints are taped and mudded, except with thinset instead of drywall mud. Unlike drywall, cement board doesn't deteriorate or harbor mold if it gets wet, a common occurrence due to cracks in grout, failed caulk or broken tile. Drywall, cement board, tile base, or wood siding can be installed over InSoFast panels in the same way it is installed over traditional wood framing. Simply attach the product with all-purpose drywall screws or whatever the cement board manufacturer recommends.
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May 08, 2014 · Sheetrock is simply a company that provides customers with the opportunity to purchase drywall and drywall products but their products are the same as generic “dry wall”. To refer back to the Kleenex versus generic brand analogy, Sheetrock is a name brand much like Kleenex, and drywall is the same product, just without a brand name.
Cement board resists moisture. The main reason to consider using cement board is that this material is resistant to moisture. So, if your climate is humid and you want to protect your walls from moisture damage or mold, cement board is a smart option.
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Nov 13, 2019 · 1/2" Cement Board - The thickness of the cement board used normally matches the thickness of drywall. Most of the time this will be 1/2" in a residential home. Cement Board Sizes: 3' x 5', 4' x 8' Sheets - These are the common sizes for cement board. Cement board was originally intended for use as a tile backer board.
FibaTape® Cement Board Tape is a patented alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh tape, and the only tape that should be used for cement applications with dry or thin-set mortar. This self-adhesive tape is made from the same vinyl-coated fabric that is embedded in the face of some cement boards to give the board added strength and crack resistance.
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You may hear this type of drywall referred to as greenboard, indoor tile backer board, and cement board. Blueboard is another term you might encounter when looking for moisture-resistant drywall. This is actually a different type product because it is engineered to be coated with a veneer plaster , giving it a different look. I have the drywall cut out basiclly the shape of the tub surround, but an inch or so short so the surround goes up and over the seam. I want to put in cement board instead of drywall for the water restistance factor, and down the road we sould like to do tile.
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Sep 05, 2007 · I was told by this owner that they do theirs over AC exterior graded plywood. I told him I wanted cement board because I heard it was better and he disagreed and said he sees more problems with cement board and he feels some tile companies recommend it to drive up their prices and that is is not necessary and not a good deal for the consumer. SOUNDSTOP sound deadening fiberboard is a high-quality, cost-effective solution to airborne sound reduction. SOUNDSTOP favorably increases both sound transmission class (STC) and outside inside transmission class (OITC) values of walls, ceilings, and floors by absorbing airborne sound vibrations.
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over USG Durock® cement board. Property Unit of Measure ASTM Test Method 5/8" USG Durock® Brand Cement Board 1/2" Cement Board 1/4" Underlayment Flexural strength psi C947 > 480 > 750 > 1000 Indentation strength psi D2394 > 1250 > 1250 > 1250 Shear bond strength psi ANSI A118.4 > 50 > 50 > 50 Water absorption % by wt. 24 hrs. C473 15 15 15
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Oct 10, 2018 - Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle board made out of 62% cement & 28% wood. The boards are fire, water, weather, termite, & vermin resistant, & achieve both dimensional & chemical stability over a long construction period Bison can be used for wall partitions, false ceilings, doors, wall claddings, flooring, kitchen platforms, table tops, stair cases, louvers, cabinets ...
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