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Tony just gave out a satisfied huff of air, and made way to the middle of the gym. As soon as the first robot emerged, Tony sent a missile directly at it, blowing it to smithereens. Robots began coming at him from all angles, so he clicked a button and the flamethrower roared to life.
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Bye.. it’s been fun. I’ve decided to quit this blog. Claire is straight up ignoring me, and I’m done. I’m so sorry, but now I’ve had it! I have created my own fanfic blog, but that will mainly be fanfics about youtubers, so if you’re into youtubers please go follow it . But other than that, goodbye everyone, it’s been fun.
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Percy Jackson Fanfiction is a website dedicated to all Percy Jackson related stories. In theaters April 27. 0! Ever since the site was established, a number of Self Inserts have made their way into the User Fiction section, and it's gotten to the point where finding them on the old thread was a bit much.
Kai Rakuen's List: The Avengers Fanfiction - All my favourite The Avengers stories in one place! When he finds him, he makes an executive decision. Instead of taking him to Asgard, he takes him Tony wished the wound in his hand was wider, the blood leaking from the rupture hotter, wanted to...Avengers Fanfiction Tony Made Fun Of
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Movies: Avengers fanfiction archive with over 49,558 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. In this universe, Samantha Morgan Stark grows up without a place of her own in the Avengers' world, but she's trying, no matter what, to make her father proud.
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He had argued with Tony all day, as usual, when arguing was the last thing he wanted to do. He thought Tony was adorable. It was torture, and he didn't even have anyone to share these feelings with. Just as Steve was dropping onto the couch in the main lounging room, thinking about Tony, Clint Barton entered the room, sandwich in his hand.
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Avengers FanFiction. Homepage Stories Members. Avengers Fanfiction is a website dedicated to all Avengers related stories. Read and comment on stories or post your own.
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Browse avengers fanfics and stories. Una voz está acechando a Tony y parece que no lo dejará ir. Pero, ¿qué sucede si esa voz está dentro de la cabeza de Tony y eso es todo lo que necesita para seguir con su vida?
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Find the newest Avengers Fanfiction meme. Avengers Fanfiction: ISEE HALF OF WHAT VOU DID THERE 34 Marvel Memes Stan Lee Would Appreciate - Memebase - Funny Memes Love Marvel? Thor: You see, young Peter told me that- Tony: WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE LEARN?
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Notice I missed a fic (or made a mistake)? Please leave a link to it in a comment. Thank you! Fin Summary/prompt: "Avengers drabbles originally written for fivesentencesmut." Fic Title: all this Tony Stark is publicly a sub, yet none of them can get a grip on what he is in private, and when he is...Tony Stark Prompt: Tony doesn’t like celebrating his birthday. Understandable, considering he’s never actually had a good one where people who care about him go out of their way to make his day fun and happy. If anything, he’s always expected to put in effort to throw a big party so everyone else can have fun.
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