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May 17, 2002 · If it's on the passenger side then it's probably the aux water pump. Mine went out and started leaking bad. At first it was small leaks, in the end was adding water and coolant evertime I drove. The part, which could not be located at any local parts store, is availible through our host for around $100.
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Engine coolant is a mixture of water and anti-freeze that helps to stop your engine overheating. Most modern cars have a sealed cooling system so they shouldn't need Check your engine coolant every couple of weeks so you can spot any problems early. It could save you a lot of money and hassle.Coolant is leaking from a plug on the underside of passenger side body, near firewall, above frame rail. The hoses for the heater core enter through the firewall on the passenger side. You might check that stuff.
Wooden snow plow plans • Turbo Kit - 6.7L Power Stroke 5 Remove the 15 bolts retaining the plastic intake manifold and remove it from the vehicle. Removal clearances can be tight, but it is easiest to pull the passenger side of the manifold out first.
The truck developed a coolant leak somewhere around the passenger side. It's right where the AC drips but closer to the motor. I can't find any water anywhere. Worst case scenario, what am I looking at if I have a leak around the EGR area ? How labor intensive is it and how much can I expect... Also do you mean passenger side (right) or drivers side (left). I meant Driver left and yes you bring up a point i didn't think about the coolant could be leaking from anywhere considering the fan kicks in and shoots it all over the...
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coolant leak I have a 2005 duramax LLY. I have been showing a low coolant light for several weeks without a leak. No other motor symptoms. Today, I started leaking coolant from the top of my motor on the passenger side from the Bosch EDU common rail. Any ideas.
Just above the coolant thermostat on the passenger side of the engine. could be leaking from a head gasket and trickling down or your heater core is leaking and driping out of the condensation drain from inside the cab. most likely its your heater core. check the fire wall above the starter and look for...
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I think My Holden Astra 2000 is leaking coolant from the heater core, every day I find coolant underneath my vehicle on the passenger side. When I pour new coolant or water in the coolant tank, it immediately goes through it and doesn’t fill the tank. I can drive with it for now as long as it doesn’t overheat again.
My 2007 6.0 is losing coolant but not overheating ; 2019 platinum Dually won’t start. I’ve tried jumping ect. What causes my F350 to leak oil. It leaves a puddle of oil everytime I park it. Can I start a Ford Van after 5 years, or does the gas have to be drained and ad fresh gas? Power Steering Fluids & Stop Leaks. Designed for Fan Clutch removal on 2003 and above Ford 6.0L Powerstroke engines. Unique fan clutch wrench grips and securely holds the pulley housing.
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My 1992 300E, 3.0 car only has 78k miles. It has developed a coolant leak at the very back of the engine. The mechanic thinks it may be the head gasket. I want to know if there is any other cooling lines that runs behind the engine that could be leaking. The car was sitting in the garage with the pressure off the system and is leaking from the ...
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If the dash vents are blowing cooler on the driver side than they are on the passenger side, the problem is with the heater core. It is partially blocked or plugged up somehow. I know this because I just went through it - twice. You have two options (assuming the core isn't leaking). 1. Try flushing the heater core.
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the passenger side of the truck remove the 2 bolts holding the up-pipe to the exhaust manifold. Once the bottom bolts have been removed, from the topside of the engine, loosen and remove bolts from factory up-pipe behind the heat shield. Step 18: Install EGR Delete Up-pipe with new gasket provided using the supplied hardware. (Gasket on top side)
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While the oil cooler is not an overly expensive part, changing it is extremely time consuming. It can be a multiple-day job. So Bullet Proof Diesel came up with yet another 6.0-liter fix and engineered a kit that would allow for the factory oil cooler to be mounted remotely, making servicing it a quick 30-45 minute job. Apr 23, 2009 · I have a F 350 coolant leak on the passenger side. Cool weather makes it leak faster. Coolant reservoir leaks out by two weeks. It's to tight too see were it is coming from but it is leaking on passenger side. I talked to someone that had if fixed at dealer under warranty but they didn't know how they fixed it.
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